Agenda of Day-1 (2nd Dec 2023)

09:00 AM - 9:05 AM

Mrs. Suchismita Priyadarsani
Director, Core Research Pvt. Ltd.

09:06 AM-09:10 AM

Roseller M. Malabanan
Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Manila, Philippines

09:11 AM-09:20 AM

Prof. Pascualito B. Gatan

Vice President for Branches and Satellite Campuses
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

09:21 AM-09:35 AM

Director & Associate Professor, Social Network Innovation Center, National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Topic: Data and Creativity as Marketing Strategy: Combining Data-Driven Insights with Innovative Thinking

09:36 AM-09:40 AM

Dr. Arun Kumar Tarofder

Management and Science University, Malaysia

09:51 AM-10:00 AM

10:01 AM-10:10 AM

Presented By: Dino Tristan C. Cabrera, Archie C. Arevalo, Armando F. Grata, Reagan A Gonzales

10:11 AM-10:20 AM

Presented By: Lualhati Dela Cruz, Rhene Camarador, Sheryll Serrano and Sharmaine Banadera

10:21 AM-10:30 AM

Presented By: Marvin C. De Pedro, Richard N. Guardian, Angelica O. Nuruddin, Aldrin P. Obsanga

10:31 AM-10:40 AM

10:51 AM-11:00 AM

11:01 AM-11:05 AM

11:06 AM-11:15 AM

11:16 AM-11:30 AM

Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences, Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, Manila, Philippines
Topic: Machine learning and deep learning for intelligence application in the age of big data

11:31 AM-11:35 AM

Dionisio Barba Chavez, JR., PhD, EdD

Department of Education, Division of San Carlos City, Phillipines

11:36 AM-11:45 AM

11:46 AM-11:55 AM

11:56 AM-12:05 PM

12:06 PM-12:15 PM

Virtually Presented By: Geraldine C Minas, Heildenberg Dimarucot , Jerrwin C. Aguinaldo, Alvin George C. Cobar

12:16 PM-12:25 PM

Presented By: Christine Jane Ablay, Caple Jun Lipa, Sheryl R. Morales

12:26 PM-12:35 PM

12:36 PM-12:45 PM

12:46 PM-12:55 PM

12:56 PM-01:00 PM

01:01 PM-01:45 PM

01:46 PM-02:00 PM

Program Coordinator Department of Psychology, Polytechnic University of the Philippines Manila, Philippines
Topic: Understanding cross-cultural perspective toward sustainable engagement

02:01 PM-02:05 PM

Dr. Federico Roy

Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Philippines

02:06 PM-02:15 PM

02:16 PM-02:25 PM

02:26 PM-02:35 PM

Virtually Presented By: Razan Baradhi, Maged Eid, Nada Jabbour Al Maalouf, Laurent Yacoub

02:36 PM-02:45 PM

Virtually Presented By: Jean Elia, Hussein Fayyad, Nada Jabbour Al Maalouf, Chadia Sawaya

02:46 PM-02:55 PM

02:56 PM-03:05 PM

03:06 PM-03:15 PM

Virtually Presented By: Hanna Leah E. Relacion, Athena Jan I. Derayunan, Rosa Rio S. Bolanio

03:16 PM-03:25 PM

03:26 PM-03:30 PM

03:31 PM-03:40 PM

03:41 PM-03:55 PM

City Mayor, Parañaque City, National Capital Region, Phillipines
Topic: Social responsibility and engagement in higher education: Understanding the Education 4.0 landscape

03:56 PM-06:00 PM

Topic: Introduction to Bibliometric Analysis by Vosviewer

By: Dr. Arun Kumar Tarofder

06:01 PM-06:15 PM

Agenda of Day-2 (3rd Dec 2023)

08:00 AM - 08:10 AM

Mr Darshan Surya Sahu

08:11 AM-08:20 AM

Dr. Iman Farshchi
Dean, Faculty of Engineering,Built Environment & IT

08:21 AM-08:35 AM

APAC Sustainability Manager, Tyson Foods – Asia Pacific Malaysia.
Topic: Supporting ecosystem conservation and restoration through a reforestation model centered around local and Indigenous communities

08:36 AM-08:40 AM

Assoc. Prof. Lualhati Dela Cruz

Dean, College of Human Kinetics, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

08:41 AM-08:50 AM

Virtually Presented By: Nadiya Firma Zulfana, NUR Iriawan, Christiono Utomo

08:51 AM-09:00 AM

Presented By: Dwivayani Sentosa, Dimas Haryo Pamungkas, Oktadianti Kartika Padmansih

09:01 AM-09:10 AM

09:11 AM-09:20 AM

Presented By: Oktadianti Kartika Padmansih, Dimas Haryo Pamungkas, Dwivayani Sentosa

09:51 AM-10:00 AM

10:01 AM-10:15 AM

Chair, NAPS Board of Directors and Council, Australia
Topic: Strengthening Legal Policies in the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities through Research and Innovation to Address Economic Inequality

10:16 AM-10:20 AM

Dr. Marilyn F. Isip

Director, Sta. Maria Campus, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

10:21 AM-10:30 AM

10:31 AM-10:40 AM

10:41 AM-10:50 AM

Presented By: Seniwati, Andi Yakub, Suparman, Patrice Lumumba, Adi Suryadi Culla, Nathanael Christofer Yunus, Vicha Septina Rais, Nurwafiq Anugrah Purnama

10:51 AM-11:00 AM

Presented By: Musrayani Usman, Hasbi, Mario, Ria Renita Abbas, Rahmat Muhammad

11:01 AM-11:10 AM

11:11 AM-11:25 AM

Dr. Vijay Anant Athavale

Principal, Walchand Institute of Technology, India

11:26 AM-11:35 AM

11:36 AM-11:45 AM

11:46 AM-12:00 AM

Tanti Widia Nurdiani

Book Author, FOUNDER and CHAIRMAN, Smart Indonesia Academy, Indonesia